Hard On Dirt. Easy On Earth™

Clean starts here. Blue Coral® offers you the foundation for a great looking car, with concentrated cleaning solutions to meet any soil or water condition. No other brand has the reputation for effective cleaning in the car wash industry like Blue Coral®. And, our Blue Coral® Beyond Green program lets operators communicate the value of sustainable car wash solutions with on-trend merchandising and marketing materials.

For Consumers

  • Clean, shiny, dry vehicle
  • Recognized and trusted brand
  • Sustainable chemistry

For Car Wash Operators

  • Comprehensive line of products such as Foaming Fragrances, to enhance your customers’ car wash experience
  • Powerful marketing support from the industry leader



* The Blue Coral®, Rain-X® and Black Magic® trademarks are registered trademarks of ITW-GB and are used by Zep Vehicle Care under license.

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