The Car Wash Industry Brands We Carry

Per the 2016 ICA Consumer Study, consumers prefer to buy brands they know and trust. At NCS, you will find trusted consumer brands that you cannot get anywhere else – like Armor All® Professional, with a high 98 percent brand awareness and a reputation for quality. Trusted consumer brands also create more value for consumers, which means that they can help you drive more overall revenue at your wash. Click on each brand to learn more about how it can help you generate more revenue at your wash.


Armor All

With a high 98 percent brand awareness and reputation for quality, Armor All® Professional means your consumers know and expect quality each time they visit your location, thus driving revenue for your business. Armor All® Professional products maintain the highest standard of quality, and deliver high customer satisfaction that keeps customers coming back to your wash.

Blue Coral®

Blue Coral

No other brand has the reputation for effective cleaning in the car wash industry like Blue Coral®. Blue Coral® offers you the foundation for a great looking car, with concentrated cleaning solutions to meet any soil or water condition.



For years, the Rain-X® brand has been the first name in glass treatment for better visibility while driving. This premium service, which combines the well-known Rain-X® brand with high performance wash quality, generates incremental revenue, complete customer satisfaction, and repeat sales.

Black Magic®

Black Magic

We offer a full line of tire dressing products that provide a deep, rich, long lasting shine to the tires and also repels water and detergent. All of this, along with powerful retail brand name recognition.

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