Assure your wash quality with alerts that let you know when something in your wash isn’t working as it should.

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Assure® Includes It ALL

Everything you need for peak performance – all the time, with the all-inclusive Assure®. Providing perfect harmonization of chemicals, dispensing, and application, Assure® now includes real-time data and alerts right at your fingertips. Track car counts, chemical usage, and receive instant alerts, no matter where you are.

Assure Features
Assure Technology
Assure Your Wash Quality  Let’s talk about running your wash at peak performance so you can have peace  of mind. Learn more about Assure Analytics Remote Performance Monitoring

Information at Any Time

With Assure®’s software program, access information about your car was at any hour, from anywhere. Share monitoring and alerts with your team to create continuity and promote communication across all lines of your business.

Consistent & Accurate

Aside from technology, Assure® program’s consistent and accurate chemical application not only protects consumers, but offers the right wash every time for perfected repeatability and user expectation.