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The brand customers recognize. Rain-X® is a top auto appearance brand with over 80% brand awareness. When wash goers see Rain-X, its clear benefits motivate your customers to upgrade their wash selection to a top package.Merchandising_Marketing

Leading edge performance. The patented formulation of silicones and polymers delivers unparalleled protection from rain, snow, dirt, salt, bugs, pollen, and bird droppings.  This innovative product bonds & cures to provide 30 days of complete surface protection. Plus, Rain-X beads and repels water to provide better visibility and safer driving – something your customers will be sure to notice.

The best just got better. Rain-X continues to be the ultimate defense against weather, soil, water and now defends against UV! The new formula provides a best-in-class show that stimulates the senses: brighter color, stronger scent, flashier foam and delivers enhanced rinsing for the cleanest car possible. Available in Assure® 2.5G and 5G sizes.Assure Mini Docking Station_Rendering RX_No Bkgrd

More money in your pocket. Rain-X drives your customers to upgrade wash package selections at point of purchase. When they experience the unmatched protection, they will be sure to come back for more. Using 0.4 ounces per vehicle application, a mini docking station containing three 2.5 gallon cubitainers of Rain-X will generate an additional $7,200* in revenue for your wash!

*Assuming $3 per application a la carte. Results may vary due to equipment, dispensing and promotional arrangements.

Rain-X® Extra Revenue Generating Products


  • Rain-X® AHS Online Protectant
  • Rain-X® For Wheels
  • Rain-X® Online Protectant
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